RSU Roleplaying Game v2

Season 1 Episode 03

The players make a daring move for the attacker dropship

Immediately upon exiting his mech, Eurich falls down, vomits and loses consciousness, apparently suffering from a concussion caused by the heavy punch given by the Highlander in the previous encounter. As he is being sent to the hospital, Fuub-Ark contacts the players and informs them that a foundry, which is located around two kilometers away, is also under attack. Black Nebula is ordered to defend immediately.

Second battle ensues. Seeing that forces are incoming, the attacker begins to retreat. The players intercept two tanks on their way to a Counterweight-class dropship waiting in a canyon. They daringly enter the vessel with their hovertanks, threatening to blow it up from the inside. The defenders in the dropship refuse to surrender and in turn threaten to take off and take the players with them. Bjornlöf unwittingly fires his PPC and destroys the flight computer, making this threat void. Without even knowing this, the players call the captains' bluff and storm the living quarters of the dropship. A firefight ensues.

A technician team is gunned down by Huug-Gun with the aid of a diversion by the Girya brothers. Even though the crew of one of the enemy tanks (which made it back to the dropship), is actually trained in combat, Josef manages to surprise them with grenades, splattering them all over the top floor of the ship. Heem-Lyeh is wounded in the leg, but not seriously. The rest of the crew surrenders and is taken for questioning.

As per the contract, BHI gives the players full salvage rights and the rights for the dropship. Agents from the corporation arrive to question the crew and Alexander and Bjornlöf discuss the information gained with Fuub-Ark and the head of the assembly facility. The name of the enemy mercenary company appears to be Wishing Well Defense Solutions, and they claim to be working for Sybaris, an old and large inehmo mercenary corporation. Fuub-Ark considers the information unreliable, as it seems improbable that Syabris would actually take part in the conflict so early and decisively. However, nothing more is learned.

Mia-Viil, a ruling class female awese from Video Production News, arrives at the plant to do a report on the attack. Heem-Lyeh is infatuated with her beauty and embarasses himself on planet-wide TV. The other members of the crew boast with their accomplishments and try to get most of the show. Alexander approves this. Despite risking his life multiple times in the first fight, Andrew Weiss from Weiss&Son is granted relatively little screen time because of the suicidial bravery the players demonstrated in the latter fight. He is envious of the attention and somewhat devastated by this.

In the coming weeks, the players sell one of the Satan-class dropships (which is easy, considering how military activity seems to be ramping up), hire a technician team and fix their mechs and the newly acquired dropship. Lennie Small is customized again (with even greater expense) to accommodate the larger dropship. Alexander also hires Andrew's father Bernard to train the players in piloting mechs and inquires BHI about the materiel they have for sale.

The players contemplate their options and appreciate the options in BHI's catalogue, but choose to look at alternatives before buying anything. While this is going on, VGT, a famous party boat owned by several inehmo and weleka billionaires collectively known as ValriG, enters the system and sets course for the largest planet. The players decide to visit it before anything else happens.



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