RSU Roleplaying Game v2

Season 1 Episode 06

Our mercenaries rescue Meek-Ria and save the BHI high command

When repairing the mechs after the last encounter, Fuub-Ark hastily contacts the players. A secret agent he had on the Teask-Dumar war effort noted, that she had made a mistake, and would probably be caught with only a couple of hours to spare.

Fuub had information on the whereabouts of the agent and where she would try to make a getaway. The location was a remote civilian-owned atmospheric processor, which the invaders had converted into a base. The players knew that once the agent would go out of the airlock, the patrolling units would likely be alerted and time would be scarce. Likely the compound would also be monitored by remote sensors, like previously, and the thick atmosphere was still making aerospace usage difficult. BHI offered the players another use of the stealth APC, but eventually a decision was reached to attempt extraction with fast units (hovertanks and the Phoenix Hawk) without risking any additional resources.

The extraction itself went well, but was extremely close. Two of the patrolling mechs were faster Centurions with accurate weaponry and the tank carrying the agent got a bad hit in the motive systems. Fortunately, Ivan's brawling with his Phoenix Hawk gave the tanks enough time to escape, and Ivan himself jetted to safety soon after. In the rocky terrain, his mech had clearly superior mobility to the Centrions.

Upon being interviewed by Gunther, the agent identified herself to the players as Meek-Ria. She was naturally reluctant to share information about her findings, but after finding out that Gunther was a really sociable fellow, revealed that the first fight the players were involved in might not have been instigated by Teask-Dumar.

After delivering Meek-Ria back to base, the players mostly idled around. News came up that also Teask-Dumar had suffered theft of high-value goods, and accusations flew around. Based on this, Heem-Lyeh visited the local darknet conversation board (Lintulauta), but was unable to uncover anything further. At the same time, the most prominent news item was that Akmavala was pressuring the corporations into peace and suggested talks on the main planet of the system. In the coming week, both parties agreed and talks were arranged. Fuub was suspicious and while also he would attend the talks, he decided to hire Ivan, Josef and Huug as his personal bodyguards for imago reasons (two big, imposing aliens). The brothers agree, and the players argue that actually everyone should accompany the cruiser transporting BHI leaders. The players are not allowed to fly very close to the cruiser, but Fuub agrees to take their dropship as an additional escort.

At the midpoint of the trip, while turning to decelerate, the cruiser gets ambushed by an attacking fleet hiding in the asteroid field. A huge fight ensues, as the BHI defenders are swamped by a numerically superior force. Eurich assumes that BHI will lose, so the players decide to run right now.

Just as this is being decided, boarding pods hit the cruiser. Huug snatches Fuub with him to an escape pod, and Ivan and Josef go to fetch Mii-Mi, the current leader of BHI. Josef also ups the ante a bit by taking some buffout immediately to get things running (and his mouth foaming). As everyone can imagine, the situation was extremely suspicious for Mii-Mi, with alien military personnel trying to say that she is better served by running away with them, but perhaps due to a temporary insanity she agrees on the reasoning when a twitching russian bodybuilder convince her that no-one would guess that she'd make this decision. Mii-Mi takes a couple of her own bodyguards and lets Ivan and Josef lead the way. Another boarding pod hit sends the crawf tumbling and turns off the engines, so gravity is lost and making progress is difficult.

Still more unfortunately, the crew runs into a boarding party. After an exchange of fire starts, Josef gets an idea and takes two grenades, flinging himself toward the attackers. Out of fear of death by the grenades, the boarders cannot shoot him, and the situation doesn't improve for them when Josef starts wrestling with them. At this point, Mii-Mi considers the russians dead and makes an escape with her own bodyguards amidst the confusion. Indeed this seems to be the case, when the numerically superior raiders wrestle Josef down and wrest the grenades from his hand, and especially after Ivan decides to shoot the boarder who collected the grenades in the back, but due to some twist of fate, Josef survives with minor scratches and the squad of boarders is grievously wounded.

The brothers then fail to catch up on Mii-Mi, and instead encounter another boarding party they manage to stun with grenades stolen from the previous one. The excnage remains a short one, as the russians have so many stun grenades from their previous fight that they can flood the corridor and make their escape to a life pod.

Meanwhile, BHI forces are engaging the larger ships and the players are using their Counterweight to gather up escape pods, including that of Mii-Mi's. When Ivan and Josef are finally snatched on board and enemy fighters close on the cremaining escape pods, it is time to leave.

While accelerating away, the players see escape pods being shot down and a contingent of fighters changes course towards the Counterweight.



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