RSU Roleplaying Game v2

Season 1 Episode 09

Audience of Terpsichore fails to impress

The players manage to scrounge the damaged mechs from the battlefield, but are unable to fix what they gathered before, during the early hours of the morning, they are given new orders. Of the four mercenary organizations operating near Mirika, Cracked Mask Battle Group secured an outstanding victory in the west hills, just as the players did in the northwestern riverbank. Weiss&Son narrowly succeeded in stopping an enemy recon unit. Unfortunately, the most prominent player on BHI's disposal, Karamat-Via faced the largest adversity and suffered considerable losses while fighting in the highlands to the southwest.

Forced to field damaged mechs with suboptimal gear, the players immediately set out and convince Weiss&Son to help. The combined force catches fleeing Karamat-Via assets beside a descending hillside flanked by another riverbank. Unfortunately, they also realize that they have met an old enemy, as they are hailed by an eccentrically dressed commander who calls himself Steffn Cyllberg and hails from the Sybaris sub-unit "Audience of Terpsichore". The unit under his command seems to be the same the players originally faced while extracting Meek-Ria.

Evidently a tremendously haughty person, Steffan opens the conversation by casually noting that he has seen videos of the fights and deemed that the players have been generally inept – probably still alive only due to both sheer luck and his absence from the battlefield. However, he agrees to let the Karamat-Via assets go in honor of a decent fight and the long overdue chance to eradicate the players once and for all.

The conversation grows a bit heated when Josef childishly mocks Steffan's sense of style. While he is able to take this with stride by noting that when one is piloting a 75-ton machine of war named after the personification of death, he can dress as he wishes, another particularly biting remark about publishing the whole encounter as a warning to others ends up being too much. Steffan changes course, heading directly for Josef guns blazing and ignoring the rest of the players on the way. Alexander's notions of Black Nebula Articla 17 fall on deaf ears.

At the same time, he activates the backdoor left into Ivan's mech by Vincent Barr, which promptly freezes on its tracks, becoming an easy target. Things look a bit bad, but Weiss&Son manage to draw one of the assault mechs aside, evening the odds for the players. Moreover, Huug-Gun reverses to odds by waiting until Steffan's lietnutant briefly pokes out from cover and promptly annihilating his pristine Battlemaster with a double ERPPC headshot.

Despite losing his by far most powerful ally, Steffan still consideres himself a better pilot than any of the players and declines to retreat, confident in his mechs' mobility and ability to retreat if things get heated. He flanks Josef's position and catches Gunther pants down in the forest, forcing a 1-on-1 encounter with both superior skills and firepower. At the same time, Heem-Lyeh and Eurich face a Centurion and a Victor, but Eurich's superior range and the reactivation of Ivan's mech give the players an edge on that front. When asked about the backdoor bypass afterwards, Ivan simply states that he deactivated the whole targeting system, ripped off a bunch of wires, taped down a few buttons down and pressed start. Simple as that.

After forcing Gunther's crippled mech to retreat, Steffan jets out of the forest, intent on demolishing Josef with his superior mobility and close-range firepower, but once again Huug-Gun proves that it's better to be lucky than good by cleanly blowing off his mech's head with a well-placed Gauss round. After this the fight cools down quickly and the rest of the pilots surrender, intimidated by their friends' fate and Ivan's repeated death-from-above attacks.

With this victory, Karamat-Via is able to regain momentum and Sybaris's advance halts, at least temporarily. The players head back to base with an incredible amount of battlefield loot compared to their earlier efforts.



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