RSU Roleplaying Game v2

Season 3 Episode 04

Hunting the Booby

In the early morning, before sunrise, two factions sought to contact the players. Firstly, an officer from Iron Pulse wanted to meet with Charles and a nun from Continuity wanted to meet Alexander.

The first meetings was concluded behind closed doors, but not in particular secrecy. Harlton was informed that his closest friend in the Iron Pulse was killed in battle in the east, while engaging one of the Knights of Tileke. This was regrettable, though not surprising, as Charles had also lost his mech on the same front just a moment ago. Said friend had earlier testamented several mementos to members of the company, and officer mentioned that he would deliver it as soon they finished sorting through his belongings.

Meanwhile, alexander invited his closest aides, which presently meant Heem-Lyeh and Bjornlöf, to meet with the nun. This meeting was indeed much more interesting, as she was human, which felt unusual for a nun of the Continuity, but obviously one would expect such philosophies to spread during times like these. The nun did not state her name and likewise refused to discuss any other personal matters, but requested that Gaussburg would be relinquished to their care. She was adamant that not only could they provide more competent treatment than the regular clinics in Terniss, Gaussburg would likely be able to return to the field sooner, should the players accept this proposal.

All of the present Black Nebula personnel were wary of the suggestion, however. The Bene Gesserit -esque reputation of the Continuity preceded them, and while most had already met the nuns while stationed on Mirika, there was something eery in giving one of their own into the care of the "crazy pity sex cult", as Josef so eloquently put it. While Heem-Lyeh interrogated the nun and tried to get her to reveal her ulterior motives, Alexander more quietly counseled Bjornlöf of the matter. Günther strongly felt that they indeed should allow the nun to take Gaussburg, as he assumed that the man would not pass this opportunity by, were he capable of making the decision. Furthermore, there were possibilities within the Continuity compound, which was probably filled with wounded from both sides of the conflict. Should Gaussburg return early enough, any information he might have had overhead and any connections he might have made in such a place could be of extraordinary value. Thus, the nun was given her answer, and Heem-Lyeh never got to find out what she thought about the purity of the soul of the human genome and their responsibility toward it.

When Gunther and Heem-Lyeh resumed their daily duties, both noticed that they had received more mail through Meek-Ria's agent network. Gannet was beginning to become desperate, and was certain that she would be caught before nightfall. Within the message was enclosed a keypair for a sending address of the same Meek-Ria was using, and through which Gannet implored the players to tell him when they could pick her up. She also gave them a code for a low-power tracking device and told that when given a time, she would attempt to move towards the main cathedral near the commercial district in Feoul.

As most of the others were occupied with repair and refit operations on their gear, Heem-Lyeh and Günther took it upon themselves to plan the mission.  After asking Josef for help and ECM-capable heavy weapons cover, they decided to wait for midnight and send off in a stealth transport much like the one they originally rescued Meek-Ria in. Alexander would drive, Günther would gun and Heem-Lyeh would personally lead  a squad of serbs in power armor. Stealth was essential, so they would run quiet and Josef would wait a bit further away, only coming to aid when called upon.

Initially the operation seemed to go well, but Gannet went silent before disclosing her final location. Alexander started scouring the streets to find a trace of the tracker signal and Heem-Lyeh and the serbs searched the nearby buildings on foot. The city was almost silent, with only a few lit windows, and though the rules of engagement were rather strict for all participants, it seemed that many residents had decided that it would be best to evacuate before BHI's assault would begin.

After dodging enemy convoys for a while, Alexander noticed a familiar form on radar. The knight with the Mist Lynx was moving west and escorting a convoy of trucks. Fortunately, through clever use of the tanks' spoofing and jamming capabilities and the fact that Heem-Lyeh's serbs were running very light power armor, the players remained undetected. Soon after they also picked up the transponder signal and Günther got out of the tank, determined to fetch their agent.

All did not know as planned, however. When he kicked down the door to an abandoned aparment, instead of Gannet, Günther was faced with an old, hardy-looking awese, who, after uttering a surprisingly well-articulated and polite greeting in german, pointed a machine pistol towards Günther and let loose.

It was a trap, as they say.

All hell broke loose. Given that his opponent looked deathly serious and very experienced, and based on the number of impacts on his chest, Günther didn't feel confident that he could beat the old man in firefight, so he turned tail and ran down the stairs as fast as he could. This was of little help, however, as power armor in the roof of the opposite building uncovered themselves and fired upon the tank, forcing Alexander to either move or be killed. The firefight soon became prolonged, as Günther did his best to stay alive, while Heem-Lyeh and the serbs faced the enemy power armor. Josef was immediately called for support, but it was obvious that he wouldn't arrive on the scene for a while. Without a gunner and strained for attention in behind the wheel, Alexander was of little help, but tried to cover for both parties while trying to maintain enough speed to make himself less of a target for the enemy.

The fight with the power armor was bloody. Heem-Lyeh's squad outnumbered the enemy three to one, but the enemies were heavier and better armed. Two of the serbs fell to recoilless rifle blasts right through their torsoes and Heem-Lyeh himself was only spared due to the much-improved resiliency of his cyborg body. Fortunately, after the serbs destroyed one of the powersuits, the other did not stay behind to push his luck, and also Günther noticed that whatever cover he was ducking under received much less fire than just a moment ago.

Returning to the abandoned apartment, the players found Gannet, bound and gagged, and immediately made their escape after releasing her. They were soon also accompanied and covered by Josef, who told them that he had briefly skirmished with two enemy helicopters, but scared them away.



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