One of BHI's high security chiefs and the leader of ILLI


Tall, thin, aged beyond his years and always carries a concerned, thoughtful face.


When the players met Fuub, he was an up-and-coming security officer with too much to handle and no resources to handle it. now he’s High Security Chief Fuub-Ark, commander of 3rd BHI Invasion Army.

Fuub-And is both loved and feared, due to being external to the power struggle mentality so common for positions as high as his. With Kemva Amek and Suu Limea, he founded ILLI to both protect his own position and to preserve the independence and constitutional ideas of BHI in this time of strife.

Holds very close ties to Black Nebula due to integral co-operation from practically day one of the campaign. The players are responsible for many of the victories and successes attributed to Fuub, and he is very conscious of this.


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