RSU Roleplaying Game v2

Season 2 Episode 07

Spacedock assault begins

Meanwhile, in Diave B, Teask-Dumar's military power was still formidable and the collapse of its mercenary allies had proven lesser than expected. Even though Sybaris had largely scattered, it seemed as if they were a sacrifice TD had been willing to make.

More importantly, ILLI had received information that a large attack was being planned against the orbital docks above Kersia. Even though Fuub-Ark did not have direct authority on the docs nor permission to station his own troops there, it was decided that the players' forces and Shadow Flare would take a higher orbit and wait for further orders, being on immediate standby at all times. This meant extended weightlessness and time in-orbit, which was taxing for everybody involved, especially as the situation was very static.

The standoff continued for approximately three weeks and tensions dissipated, giving way to boredom and idleness. At this point, both mercenary companies were recalled. Everybody assumed that Teask-Dumar had pulled off a successful feint and fed ILLI and possibly other parts of BHI with incorrect information in order to buy precious moments of time for preparation. This was in line with Fuub's orders, as he planned an assault on TDHI-R-397, a former mining asteroid which now housed a minor space dock.

Shadow Flare was to assault a neighboring TDHI military position as the players were ordered to make asteroidfall and capture the dock. Both missions were risky, but as Shadow Flare had more assets, it was ordered to perform the more risky manoeuvre. Preparations were tight, and after the players again refitted their mechs for zero-G operations, they were on their way.

The approach was not particularly safe, as the dock housed a Killer Whale launcher. A capital missile platform far exceeding their range and capabilities. While Juho made a flyby and photographed the relevant regions of the dock, Alexander performed a tight counterburn to spend as little time as possible within the field of view of the dock. Despite this, the players' dropship took two direct hits from the missiles, losing their sensors and rendering the dropship useless for actual battle.

After landing, they immediately started a march towards the dock, but having had time to prepare, the defenders were expecting them. A mix of light and medium mechs with good mobility attacked the advancing forces while two heavier missile-equipped units bombarded them from behind. Juho acted as air support, but was heavily disadvantaged against a duo of enemy air superiority fighters, and couldn't keep them occupied. The situation looked dire, until one of the fighters made the mistake of strafing the battlefield and ending up on the wrong side of Huug's aim. Despite getting pummeled by the full firepower of the fighter, a clean hit to the cocpit of the disabled the pilot and brought it down. Meanwhile, Eurich's Marauder refitted with a loadout more suited for medium mechs disabled the harassing mechs and the artillery was forced to withdraw.



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