RSU Roleplaying Game v2

Season 2 Episode 10

The mafia is no match for a squad of pioneers

The players waste no time in contacting Lidia and Joe and telling them of the situation. The orbital investigation is scrapped and the two are scheduled to head down immediately, with the orders to act as the ears and eyes of the squad in-city, while the rest continue with the operation.

Marianne assumes that Mr. Xu's immediate target would be the very place he invited the actors to, and this is to be their target too. Immediately, during the same night, the players hijack one of the local touring helicopters and its pilot, heading west towards the forest compound. Setting down in a meadow in the dead of night, the pioneers soon reach the estate, which seems to be a hefty-sized forest retreat with a well-kept english garden. Surprisingly, it is not particularly well defended, and after a short but efficient infilitration scene, the pioneers found neither the police nor Mr. Xu himself.

Interrogation of the present waiting staff, prostitutes and the living guards revealed that Mr. Xu took a detour to the hospital and was expected to return shortly. With this information in hand, it was decided that Lidia and Joe were to follow his whereabouts in town, while the rest of the squad set on doing what they do best – combat engineering. A crafty and improvised tactical barrier was prepared on the yard, while waiting for the gangsters to return.

Lidia and Joe attempt to infiltrate the hospital to some extent, but it was crawling with police and Xu's own men. Posing as a nurse, Lidia answered a job advert and got toured around a bit, albeit failing to find out anything too conclusive about their opponents. A much more substantial bit of information was the amount of men Xu had with him, when his convoy eventually started heading back to the compound. Apparently due to being quite a bit above the law and luckily for the players, the police made no attempt to follow him or approach the compound theirselves.

Apart from a brief encounter with preteen awese youngsters herding conifer parasites for fun and profit, the actual building of the tactical barrier was uneventful. Its abilities came to test perhaps a bit too early, when McGibbs mis-times the detonation and failed to properly catch any of the arriving three vehicles. What ensued was a long and bloody firefight, as Xu's numerous mooks and personal bodyguards defended themselves furiously. McGibbs got to know true fear when one of the bodyguards, a huge man in full body armor wielding a handheld blaster cannon, barely missed his hiding spot in the balcony. The resulting shockwave completely demolishing the room and left his ears ringing. At the same time, Yao Zi, Xu's nephew, prepared to make short work of Joe after seriously wounding Lidia. The lives of the squad were mere inches away, but Jean eventually managed to take down the enemy heavyweight and Marianne fended off Xu's remaining men, saving McGibbs and forcing the gangster to surrender.

The situation was quickly disarmed, and Mr. Xu, as a reasonable man, gave Meek-Ria the information she wanted. The extent of this information was not that great, however, as the only things Xu truly confirmed was the already present suspicion that Ivispe was indeed the buyer of the weapons. An interesting detail, however, was that Ivispe demanded the weapons, or hollowing charges, as they actually were, to be left in their initial condition without the warheads extracted for easier use or transportation. This suggested that their intended use was not warfare after all.

Hearing this and considering the mission a success, Meek-Ria ordered most of the pioneers to return to Diave B immediately. For Marianne, Jean and the two pilots, however, she has other plans.



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