RSU Roleplaying Game v2

Season 2 Episode 16

Kra assault the Terniss fortress and the players deal with the aftermath of Meek-Ria's death

In the same vein as the first aerospace battle in the campaign, the session opens with the Kra fighting the last defenders of the Terniss fortress. The battle isn't exactly fair, as the Terniss garrison no longer has serious mech forces and their tank battallion has been captured, but the air defense towers still do double duty as a reliable form of base defense. In brief, Ongea, Grifollet, Myap, Nier and Seruna field the resqued Kra mechs against a pair each of LRM carriers, Schreck PPC carriers, Demolishers, Uziels and Calliope turrets supported by a lone Raven. The Kra forces are supported by an ammo truck, which also has a retractable blade replacement system.

In the beginning, the battle goes extraordinarily well as the defenders suffer casualties without seriously damaging the Kra forces, but eventually the missile barrage from the LRM Carriers and turrets damage both Nier and Seruna too much and they have to fall back. This allows the Uziels to gang up on Myap and kill her with a lucky headshot. However, Grifollet persistently harasses the flanks of the enemy, taking care of the LRM carriers and sniping the ammo stores of one of the turrets, taking it and a large portion of the base wall out of the equation. When Ongea finally deals with the Demolishers and the PPC carriers, the fight is over.

While the Kra forces mop up the rest of the defense turrets and secure the way for BHI ground troops, the players deal with the aftermath of the fight in the orchards. Meek-Ria is dead, and with her, an incredible breadth of information gathering and administrative competence has been lost. It does not take long for Fuub to contact Alexander, but the security chief sounds more defeated than anything, well aware that Meek-Ria herself chose to pilot the Battlemaster, most likely as a way to win back some necessary respect from Gaussburg and the other mercenary battlefield commanders. He simply terminates the call with the words "Do you have any idea how invaluable she was?" and gets to work on fixing whatever he can. This is almost immediately followed by an order to recall Tumak-Niva into orbit for further training, which Black Nebula immediately complies with.

As Terniss is now deemed safe and completely under BHI control, it is obviously the most suitable foothold for the BHI third army. In the following days, the players observe as the rest of the forces in the northwestern front (mostly rest of the Kra, the remaining Shadow Flare forces and Iron Pulse) retreat to the city and assist in fortifying it. Typical garrison duties are only interrupted by a joint decision to hold a wake for Meek-Ria, which also the higher ILLI officials choose to attend.

Amidst the low-key festivities, Fuub-Ark reveals that he is unable to recover all of Meek-Rias files due to lacking a certain cryptographic key, but hopes that a posthumous letter sent by a dead woman's switch will help to decipher it. As the letter also contains material directed towards Black Nebula, he shares it with the players on the condition that should they discover the key, he will be kept in the loop. The letter itself, while atypical for communication from Meek-Ria, seems to promise information about how to succeed her, which is obviously of great importance to Fuub.

For the status of injured Black Nebula soldiers, the medics seem to think that Huug will soon regain consciousness. Heem-Lyeh, on the other hand, experiences a serious derealization attack when reading the letter, which he doesn't seem to be able to shake off. Similarly unable to ascertain whether it is due to the letter itself or caused by his condition, he keeps this information to himself.



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