A beautiful courtier and agent


An exceptionally beautiful ruling caste awese. Small, thinly built, but very intelligent and resourceful.


Member of Meek-Ria’s agent network.

When the players retrieved Gannet and saved from the TDMI officer keeping her hostage, she told them that since birth, she had always been a courtier (this is a more appropriate word than “courtesan”) in Tileke’s inner circles, but had grown discontent with her status and apparent dead-end position (an aspect which she would not elaborate on), of which Meek-Ria could remedy both.

Not much more is known from her, except that her story seems to check out considering her skillsets and knowledge of Tileke’s aides.

In these documents, she is also occasionally referred to as “Booby”, which is due to a translation inaccuracy from Finnish to English – both birds are very similar and members of the Sula family, which the agent is named after.


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