Meek-Ria (✝)

Liaison to the players' employer, former BHI-TDHI double agent


Meek-Ria is abnormally tall for a female, almost imposing. She has a commanding presence and a perfect posture.


An information gathering expert, who acts as the de facto right hand of Fuub-Ark.

Previously worked in BHI industrial espionage, but was compromised and thereafter rescued by Black Nebula. Fuub-Ark then put her to use as his eyes and ears inside Black Nebula, and to control the flow of information from any prisoners of war the mercenaries capture.

Meek-Ria is proud, far more confident than proper for her caste and frightfully intelligent. She knows more languages than the players combined and well versed in higher-level administration of tactical operatives. Whether she has any real combat training is unknown.

Dead as of spring 2098. Expired on her second combat mission while commanding Black Nebula forces against Terniss garrison troops.

Meek-Ria (✝)

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