• Season 2 Episode 01

    The story opens with the actual briefing held by Fuub-Ark and his collegues, who are now presented to be a hybrid class male named Kemva Amek and a worker class female called Sui Limea. The first part of the briefing is a combined status report to both …

  • ILLI

    Internal Low-profile Loyalist Initiative

    ILLI is a semi-secret sect inside [[BHI]] that is nominally founded to protect the corporation's roots and founding ideology. The main names behind it are the lower-caste awese Fuub …

  • Meek-Ria (✝)

    An information gathering expert, who acts as the de facto right hand of Fuub-Ark. Previously worked in BHI industrial espionage, but was compromised and thereafter rescued by Black Nebula. Fuub-Ark then put her to use as his eyes and ears inside Black …

  • Fuub-Ark

    When the players met Fuub, he was an up-and-coming security officer with too much to handle and no resources to handle it. now he's High Security Chief Fuub-Ark, commander of 3rd BHI Invasion Army. Fuub-And is both loved and feared, due to being …

  • Suu Limea

    Supposedly responsible for the economy and international administration of [[ILLI]], but the players have had practically zero contact with Suu.

  • Kemva Amek

    Kemva has a military history and along with Meek-Ria, acts as the other liaison officer in ILLi. He is the least experienced of the three ILLI founding members in pure administration duties.