Tag: espionage


  • Season 1 Episode 08

    Fuub-Ark and other high BHI military leadership hold a large briefing aboard Akmavala's cruiser Revana. All of the leaders of the participating mercenary organizations and BHI's own forces take part. The briefing is mostly informal, as only the …

  • Season 1 Episode 06

    When repairing the mechs after the last encounter, Fuub-Ark hastily contacts the players. A secret agent he had on the Teask-Dumar war effort noted, that she had made a mistake, and would probably be caught with only a couple of hours to spare.

  • Gannet

    Member of Meek-Ria's agent network. When the players retrieved Gannet and saved from the TDMI officer keeping her hostage, she told them that since birth, she had always been a courtier (this is a more appropriate word than "courtesan") in Tileke's …

  • Crane

    Nothing is known of this agent, except that she was investigating Fiorella Aufrene and Mihail Nemsov in Diave Central, but ceased communication because Meek-Ria stopped supplying him or her with resources.

  • Ibis

    Nothing is known of this agent, except that she is most likely dead and that she is a female based on the pronouns used in Meek-Ria's personal notes. When Meek-Ria died, there had apparently been no communication from her in six months.