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  • Meek-Ria (✝)

    An information gathering expert, who acts as the de facto right hand of Fuub-Ark. Previously worked in BHI industrial espionage, but was compromised and thereafter rescued by Black Nebula. Fuub-Ark then put her to use as his eyes and ears inside Black …

  • Heem-Lyeh

    Friend and colleague of Eurich from before the campaign. Eurich rescued the life pod survivors after a border conflict - Heem-Lyeh has been serving under him ever since.

  • Fuub-Ark

    When the players met Fuub, he was an up-and-coming security officer with too much to handle and no resources to handle it. now he's High Security Chief Fuub-Ark, commander of 3rd BHI Invasion Army. Fuub-And is both loved and feared, due to being …